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High CPU and Memory Usage with Opal Composer

Experiencing slowdowns or performance hiccups while using the Opal Composer app? High CPU and memory usage can sometimes be the culprits. We're here to guide you through understanding and resolving these issues.

The Opal Composer app is for Mac operating systems only. The Opal Tadpole camera works great on PCs independently. Any mention of Composer is for our Mac users with the app.

🧠 Understand CPU and Memory Usage

The Central Processing Unit (CPU) handles tasks and computations, while memory (RAM) stores temporary data for quick access. High usage in either can impact your Mac's performance.

Our Opal Composer app was built with performance in mind so you should not experience any lag at fault of directly Composer. However, not all computers were made equally so one must understand that using multiple high-powered apps can hinder your computer's available resources causing slowdowns for all your apps.

πŸ“Š Monitor CPU and Memory Usage

Use the Activity Monitor on your Mac to check which applications are consuming resources.

  1. Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Activity Monitor.
  1. Click on the CPU and Memory tabs to see a list of applications and their respective usages.
  1. If Opal Composer consistently shows high percentages, it might be the source of the issue.

πŸ”„ Restart Opal Composer

Closing and reopening the app can often resolve minor glitches causing high resource usage. With Opal Composer opened, use keyboard shortcut β€œCMD+Q” to fully quit it.

πŸ’‘ Check for Updates

We regularly optimize Opal Composer for better performance. Ensure you're on the latest version.

  1. Open Opal Composer.
  1. Check for updates and install if available. (See this article)

🌐 Limit Other Resource-Intensive Apps

Running multiple demanding applications can strain your CPU and memory. Consider closing other high-usage apps when using Opal Composer.

πŸ›  Adjust Opal Composer Settings

Some features in Opal Composer may require more resources. Try turning off some features or lowering video resolution to reduce CPU and memory demands.

πŸ“§ Contact Support

If the above steps don't alleviate the high CPU and memory usage with Opal Composer, our dedicated support team is ready to help. Contact us at for further assistance.

In Conclusion

Balanced CPU and memory usage ensure a seamless experience with your applications. If you notice consistently high usage, it's essential to investigate and address the root causes. Our support team is always available to assist and ensure you have the best experience with Opal Composer.

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