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How to Fix Compatibility Issues With Third-Party Apps

Using your webcam with third-party software like Skype, Zoom, and others should be straightforward. However, if you encounter compatibility issues, here's a detailed guide to help.

🔃 Update Third-Party Software & Reinstall the Third-Party Software

Always use the latest release version of the third-party software. Developers frequently release updates to fix bugs and improve compatibility.

Also please consider that, sometimes, a fresh installation can resolve compatibility issues:

🛠️ Software Settings

Select the Correct Camera

Ensure your webcam is chosen as the primary video source in the software settings. (”Opal Composer” or “Opal C1”)

Adjust Video Quality

Some software allows you to change video quality. If you're experiencing lag or poor quality, consider both:

  • Reducing the resolution.
  • Turn on/off hardware acceleration in browser.

🔒 Permissions:

Software on your Mac requires permission to access the webcam.

  1. Go to 'System Preferences' > 'Security & Privacy' > 'Privacy' tab.
  1. Click on 'Camera' in the left pane. Ensure that the third-party software (e.g., Skype, Zoom) is checked, granting it access to the camera.
  1. If the software is not listed, it hasn't requested access yet. Try opening the software and initiating a video call; this often prompts the request.

🌐 USB Compatibility & Connections

Our webcams are optimized for USB 3.1 Gen 1 or Gen 2.

🔄 Reinstall Opal Composer

Software conflicts between Opal Composer and third-party applications can arise:

🖥️ Quality Disclosure

Our webcam is designed to deliver high-quality video, including 4K resolution. However, the final output can be influenced by the third-party software you're using. Here's a breakdown of the maximum supported resolutions for popular apps:

Unfortunately, many video conferencing apps support up to 1080p at most. However, software like Quicktime and OBS do support 4K, allowing you to make the most of our webcam's capabilities.

📧 Contact Support

If compatibility issues persist, our support team is ready to assist. Contact us at


Ensuring compatibility with third-party software enhances the versatility of your webcam experience. By understanding the software-specific limitations and capabilities, you can optimize your video quality and performance.

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