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Why Does My Image Look Different Outside of the Opal App?

You've set up your Opal webcam and are thrilled with the image quality within the Opal Composer app. But when you switch to another application, the image looks... different. Why is that? Let's delve into the reasons behind these variations.

The Opal Composer app is for Mac operating systems only. The Opal Tadpole camera works great on PCs independently. Any mention of Composer is for our Mac users with the app.

🎨 Image Processing by Different Apps

Every application, from FaceTime to Zoom, has its own image processing algorithms. These algorithms can adjust color, sharpness, brightness, and more, leading to variations in how your video feed appears.

🌐 Bandwidth Considerations

The quality of your video feed can also be influenced by your internet connection. Applications often adjust video quality based on available bandwidth to ensure a smooth experience. This means that even if your Opal webcam is set to 4K, the application might downgrade the resolution to maintain a stable connection.

🍏 Apple's Unique Processing

As one of our engineers noted from personal experience, Apple's FaceTime, for instance, prioritizes a "decent" bitrate suitable for LTE networks. This means that even if you're using Opal set to 4K, FaceTime might not utilize the full resolution. Additionally, Apple applies its own filters to the video feed, further altering the image.

πŸŽ₯ Different Video Devices

When using the Opal camera, you'll notice two video devices available for selection in most video conferencing apps:

  1. Opal C1: This is the raw feed from the C1 camera without any enhancements.
  1. Opal Tadpole: This is the raw feed from the Tadpole camera without any enhancements.
  1. Opal Composer: This feed comes with all the enhancements and adjustments you've set up in the Opal app.

Depending on which device you select, the video output can look different.

πŸ“ Application-Specific Max Resolutions

Each application has its own maximum supported resolution. For instance:

  • Zoom, Teams, Chrome, WebEx: Up to 1080p
  • Google Meets (within Chrome): Up to 720p
  • Quicktime, OBS: Up to 4K

It's essential to note that even if an application supports up to 1080p, like Chrome, specific web apps within it, such as Google Meets, might have a lower max resolution.

πŸ“§Β Contact Support

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In Conclusion

The image quality you see in the Opal Composer app represents the true potential of your Opal webcam. However, when this feed is used in other applications, various factors, from image processing algorithms to bandwidth considerations, can alter its appearance. It's essential to understand these nuances to set realistic expectations for video quality across different platforms.

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